A more free-form, conversational deep dive into reality hacking.

The Take

The Take (formerly called Screen Prism) is an amazing YouTube channel that explores movies, TV and culture in a delightfully detailed and engaging way.
These people really do their homework!


Resource Videos 

Videos of ideas and techniques that can be explored and creatively combined 

in the context of experimental reality hacking. Use whatever excites you.

Just for Fun . . . and Feels 

A few extra fun videos and some touching ones as well.

Some of these will be video, while others will be audio-only.


If you have a podcast and want me as a guest, hit me up! mailtherealityhacker@gmail.com


Reality Explorers 1
Reality Explorers is a new podcast produced by my friend, Mark Rapp. I was fortunate enough to be one of his first guests. This was my first podcast interview, so it's a bit rough, but it's a good overview of what I'm doing.

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The Take:
I'm starting things off with The Take's examination of The Matrix , Westworld and Rick and Morty. 


(I find it very ironic that one of the Matrix episodes is sponsored by Nord VPN, lol) 


Resource Video:
The Template Glastonbury


I came across this while I was frustration-Googling for practical applications of sacred geometry.


I was pulled in by the beauty of the computer models, but what really grabbed me was the poetic-technical description of how our reality is structured . . .

Resource Video:
The Five Movements


This is something I've been wanting to experiment with for some time, so I thought I would just post it for everyone.

I spent two years working with a very unique and highly powerful set of breathwork movements . . .


Just for Fun & Feels:

Yogi Victor -- King of the Hill

This is one of my favorite clips because I have met waaaaay too many of these guys while running around in non-traditional spiritual circles. Mike Judge nailed it, and so did Johnny Depp, who provided the voice talent.