Where do I begin?
  1. After reading the "About" section, start exploring the "Gallery" page, which is The Reality Hacker Instagram feed. A quick read-through will give you a feel for the tone of what we are pursuing. I suggest starting at the bottom of the feed and enjoy the artwork as you move upward.

  2. Next, I suggest the "Lesson" page. On this page there are several mini-lessons where key concepts are introduced, briefly explained in a few short slides and illustrated by a videos.

    Later, as you get more familiar with everything, I would recommend returning to this page and further explore the science videos (included in Lesson 3). From here, you can start learning more about the latest mainstream scientific thought regarding Holographic Theory and Simulation Theory. 

  3. If you like everything so far, definitely sign up for the mailing list so you can keep up with all the latest developments. I don't bug--emails are sent only for the most essential announcements.

  4. When you are ready for a deeper dive, go to the "Video" page and start listening to the podcasts. The podcasts get into much more conceptual detail through lively discussion. 

    There are also some great analysis videos, unusual resources as well as some fun clips--just to lighten things up. Additionally, there will be sampler clips from the Patreon videos as they are created.

    Both the Video and Lesson sections are very carefully curated for our work here. I use fictional clips to illustrate certain ideas and non-fictional clips to root everything in real-world research.

  5. If you like everything you are hearing and want to pursue the full training, then it's time to sign up at Patreon. (I'm working on it now and it will be up soon.) There will be two levels: a $10 level, which will have monthly videos with all the details of the concepts and techniques. You will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

    Next is the $20 level which will only be available to a few people at a time. The $20 level includes a monthly live-streamed group session where I will help you with any difficulties you are running into with the training. Sometimes a video alone just doesn't cut it with this kind of work.

    There will also be a tip jar level, in case you want to contribute a few bucks to the cause :^).

    For the first phase of this launch we will need to limit Patreon membership to 130 people. Later, when the time is right it will be open to everyone.

    Thank you for your patience during this new roll-out. There is a great deal of work to be done and so much to explore.