If reality is truly holographic, it can be hacked.


Holographic Theory (the idea that our reality is essentially a wildly sophisticated hologram--much like the Matrix--has gained tremendous mainstream scientific acceptance over the past several decades.


 A holographic system should--in theory--be fairly easy to manipulate. Yet, even as the evidence for holographic theory keeps piling up, no one seems to know how to actually get the job done. There is great deal of chatter about "hacking reality," but precious little action.

This is where we come in. We are the reality hackers. We are the ones working in the wilds far outside the constraints of Academia. Here we can explore freely and start finding quick and dirty answers to the question of how to crack this world and re-code reality itself.

This is not coffee house intellectualism or philosophical discussion. What we do has to actually work when tested. Our solutions produce quantifiable results in the real world.


No conspiracy theories.

No New Age fluff. 

Just things that work. 



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