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The Reality Hacker:

A Thousand Exits

by Lisa Bruder

If reality is truly holographic, we should be able to hack it just like any other system. Simple idea, but the solutions are far from easy,


There is no magic spell--no quick fix. This requires work, creativity and a high degree of experimental rigor. The answers are not all mapped out yet, but the discoveries have been exciting.


The journey to reality hacking is complex. It involves intense modeling, relentless scavenging and the creative application of information from a wide variety of sources. The reality hacker has to re-learn where they are and how things work. It is breathtaking success followed by periods of failure. In short, reality hacking requires a whole new way of operating in a world with many possible exits.

This book covers everything discovered up to this point and will equip you with the skills you need to find your own hacking path.