Video Lessons
The foundation of my style of reality hacking is presented

in a short series of compact introductory lessons.


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Video Lesson 1:
You Are in a Game.


Yes, you are in a Game. 

Don't worry, your life is still incredibly important and we can fuss over the philosophical and moral implications later.


In the meantime, consider the following . . .


Video Lesson 2:
Your Game is a 
Holographic Simulation

While this is still technically a theory, I definitely believe we are deeply embedded in a holographic simulation. This is based on my own spontaneous personal experiences as well as my actual research results . . .


Video Lesson 3:
Simulation Theory is Rooted in Hard Science.


Simulation Theory and Holographic Theory are not conspiracy tropes.


These are real models based on rigorous science. Both concepts are actually quite mainstream and have been around for decades . . .


Video Lesson 4:
You Build Your Simulation


Yes, that's right. There are no malevolent outside forces corralling you in. You voluntarily go out and add onto your gaming structure every day.


You build-out the Matrix. You create the maze . . .


Video Lesson 5:
You Can Choose to Wake Up 


It's true. You can wake yourself up, but staying awake is the real challenge you will face. 


It gets even messier when you realize you are in a system that is constantly trying to misdirect you by pulling you into active, distracting game-play. . .

Video Lesson 6:
If You Can Stay Awake, You Can Hack Your Game 

Every step deeper into the Game changes you on a fundamental level. It rewrites you. It re-codes you.


These code changes distort you, your environment and your game. These in-game distortions directly interfere with any attempts at hacking reality . . .


Video Lesson 7:
Oh, By the Way. . . 


This isn't the only Game running. There are an infinite-or-near-infinite number of parallel game simulations running right now.

Every possible permutation of every allowable type of world is playing out in an endless spectrum of instances . . .


Video Lesson 8: 
Wrapping Up 


So, to sum up . . .

We are in a Game, inside of a holographic simulation that is one of an infinite-or-near-infinite number of other simulations running in parallel--all woven together by an active tesseract. At least, this is the case in theory . . .